• Fire Resistant Garment Aluminum Fire Coverall

ProductAluminum Fire Coverall
MaterialAluminum foil composite fiberglass cloth
Construction3 layers
                         Out shell:Aramid Fibre with aluminum membrane
                         Middle layer:Aramid fibre
                         Inner layer:comfort layer
Feature:1.Thermal Radiation: 1000℃
                 2. Breaking Strength:Warp- 862.1N,Weft-468.6N
                 3.Water proof hydrostatic pressure≥4000(Pa)
                 4.Heat radiation resistance: under heat radiation of 10kw/㎡, about 30 seconds,
                    the inside surface temperature shall rise no more than 25°
                 5.Flame retardant property damage length: less than 100mm,
                    afterglow time less than 5 seconds, continued burning time: less than 2 seconds.